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HD15 M/BNC M X 4 , w/FC- 6ft

Credits to Monoprice

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HD15 M/BNC M X 4 , w/FC- 6ft Review

This selector switch boxes ROCKS! Best selector switch boxes what I ever had!

HD15 M/BNC M X 4 , w/FC- 6ft Description

VGA (HD15) to 4 BNC connector cable.This cable connects HD15 connectors to 4 BNC's in a Red, Green, Blue, Sync format. This cable is great for interconnecting video devices as well as for use on testing equipment.The BNC connector is commonly found on professional video connections. Other applications include amateur radio antenna connections, aviation electronics and on electronic test equipment. *Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available. Therefore, changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice. Item received may not match photo or specs shown.