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LIFVER -s1500

Credits to LightInTheBox

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LIFVER -s1500 Review

LIFVER -s1500 is just amazing! It is much worth than what you pay at LightInTheBox.

LIFVER -s1500 Description

:LIFVER; :; :; :; :; :2XL,XL,L,M,S,XS; :,; :; :; :100%; :; :; :; :; :s1500; (cm) :S:34 M:35 L:36 XL:37 XXL:38; (cm) :S:69 M:73 L:77 XL:81 XXL:85; (cm) :S:88 M:92 L:96 XL:100 XXL:104; () :S:120 M:121 L:122 XL:123 XXL:124; ::,...